Complete Ascentials Omega formula is Krill oil, rich in omega-3 fats and packed with vitamins E, A, and vitamin D. Krill oil is capable of being absorbed by the body much faster than fish oil, which eliminates any fish aftertaste. Recent studies have shown Krill oil to be of great benefit if consumed regularly. This Vitamin supplement is made up from freshest North Pacific Ocean krill.

Benefits of Complete Ascentials Omega Formula

Improve Cardiovascular health
Aide in sustaining healthy cholesterol levels
Ease joint pain and stiffness by offering increased lubrication of the joints
Present sharper cognitive ability
Promote healthy, youthful skin
Reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome
Offer protection against harmful UV rays

Complete Ascentials Omega formula is a natural and effective method for helping improve many different systems of the body as well as added protection against developing cognitive degenerative diseases later in life.

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