Born from a lineage of “curanderos” of the Northern Coast of Peru, Cristhian Cadenas has been initiated into the medicine ways of the Qero Shamans of the High Andes of Peru.  A graduate and respected practitioner of The Four Winds Society, Cristhian has studied and worked closely with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, founder of the world-renowned Four Winds Society and Light Body School, and author of One Spirit Medicine, Power Up Your Brain, and Shaman, Healer, Sage.


Cristhian currently facilitates various ceremonies and one-on-one client sessions, working with physical pain, addictions, emotional trauma, fertility issues and soul loss. Through the process of illuminations, soul and destiny retrievals, business destiny retrieval, and other tools, Cristhian guides clients into empowerment and stepping into their highest destiny.


“Cristhian has explored the depths of his own soul to heal himself and discover the unending source of light and wisdom. In recovering his own soul and his life direction, he mastered the journey to help others do the same. He is a gifted and wise healer.”

- Alberto Villoldo PhD, Founder of Four Winds Society and of the Light Body School, author of One Spirit Medicine: Ancient Ways to Ultimate Wellness, Power Up Your Brain: The Neuroscience of Enlightenment, and Shaman, Healer, Sage.




"As a practitioner, I am very particular who I will go to to get work done, refer people to, or collaborate with.  Cristian is all of those things.  His ability to hold a space, intentionally connect with people, and be an open vessel for what the moment is calling for, is exceptional.  It is rare to find practitioners that live the truth they tend to profess.  Cristhian not only lives it, he embodies it.  That is immediately evident when you meet him.  His mission is being authentic to himself and of service to his clients.  He may not tell you what you want to hear, but you will experience what you need to experience."

~Ron Kochevar DPT OCS GCS RYT Shamanic Energy Medicine Practitioner

“Life Changing - Life Empowering Soul Healing from a true Shaman. Two Sessions with Cristhian pulled me out of the depths of darkness.  After a traumatic life-threatening experience, I was disconnected from my essence and I could only feel disconnect, density, sorrow.  My plea to the Divine led me to Alberto Villoldo's work, and my heart led me to find Cristhian.

When Cristhian and I spoke, he heard my pain and in his compassion he immediately and selflessly cleared his morning so he could help me.   The power of love, compassion and reverence for Spirit poured through him.  I felt safe, cared for and surrounded by the sacred healing light.  Many prayers, songs and powerful energies coursed through my being.  At the end of the session, I felt immense joy, bliss, light.  Day after day I felt the life-force returning to me.  A couple of weeks later, Cristhian blessed me with the Bands of Power/Bands of Protection rite.  Since then I have felt safe to regain my full essence and trust again in the Benevolence of the Divine.  Thank you, dear Cristhian for being the pure, selfless, kind and powerful Light that is you.”

In Gratitude,

Anah M.


“Before my first session with Cristhian, I was feeling very lost. My health was poor, my mind scattered, and my spirit depleted. This had been the state for most of my life, despite many efforts to turn things around. I was not sure exactly what kind of healing I needed, but luckily a close friend put me in contact with Cristhian and recommended I give Shamanic healing a try. 

After one session, I felt a complete reboot in my energy and health. I was able to end a 15 year-long addiction. My body felt and looked more alive. I received clarity on my next career move and finally had the gusto to begin working on my business plan. The unhealthy relationships in my life gracefully unraveled, and healthy ones soon entered. These are just a few of the changes I experienced, and the benefits continue to flow through. 

I have accepted the blessing of Shamanic healing into my life and continue to work with Cristhian. This work has truly been life changing, and I can only hope it finds others out there that felt the way I did.” 

~Amanda U.

"From our first session onward, I knew I could trust Cristhian and the work we would do together, trust being the essential ingredient for any work of this nature. I had never worked with a shaman before, and had little idea what to expect. Cristhian's gentle, straight forward manner put me at ease. Cristhian has, over and over, proven to be an astute, intuitive, compassionate, non-judgmental, person/practitioner who is deeply connected to the intelligence and insight of the "other world." I look forward to many more useful and highly revealing sessions with him in the future.  I could not recommend working with him more."

~David G


"I cannot express my gratitude for Cristhian enough!  I came to see him after miscarrying for a second time.  I was in a very tender place, and felt called to work with him in letting go of what needed to be cleared from my physical body and energetic field so that I could welcome and create a new life within me.  In his gentle, powerful way Cristhian guided and worked deeply with me so I could release and move into a state of peaceful openness.  In only one session we accomplished so much work on a physical, mental, spiritual and emotional level!  I am so happy I got to work with Cristhian, and have no doubt that my session with him was instrumental in preparing me for my subsequent pregnancy and motherhood."

~Cher H


"When I faced death in my life, Cristhian participated in my healing so I could truly decide what my fate would be. I decided to live, and I not only lived, but was able to thrive beyond measure.My gratitude to Cristhian for this gift cannot be adequately expressed. Several years ago, just months after my second son was born, I was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer.  At the recommendation of a very trusted friend, I booked an appointment with Cristhian, despite never having seen a shaman or being familiar with any similar practice.  I had no concept of what a session would be like, what within me had been in need of healing, or what it would mean for my life at the time. Although I did not understand fully what this meant then, the determination of the session and the focus of healing was on a contract with death. 

Immediately upon completion of the session, I can say that I felt  a sense of renewed optimism in both my heart and body.   What would happen next was beyond the confines of my imagination. Following the session I went back to my life.  For over a year I was repeatedly told that I was dying. I was told to make preparations for immediate passing.   Despite my inability to accept this fate, I did as was requested and sat down with my family to make my final arrangements and make plans for my two young children, age one and seven.  There are no words to describe the difficulty of those days, just as there are no words to describe this internal strength that I felt. That strength came from an entire lack of fear of death.  I could have never known at the time of my session how much I would need that strength in the future.  In my lack of fear I had the ability to choose my outcome, and I did. In the final moments, my cancer was miraculously healed.   I did not need treatment, I did not need to do anything at all!   

I would live to see my children grow and live to fulfill my potential as a human being.   It has been about two years since the day I got that phone call announcing my miraculous prognosis. What has transpired since, has been nothing short of a series of miracles.  There is absolutely not a single facet of living that has not gone from "normal" to "beyond my wildest dreams". I can see, that woven into the fabric of my being is a healing, the evidence of this in my life is so profound that I could write an entire book explaining it.   My continuing result of the healing session with Cristhian has been the most impactful moment of my life by large. What I find most beautiful, is that this healing he performed has acted like a seed of light in both my spirit and in my physical life that continues to grow.  The insights and unfolding are constant gifts in my path. It's an honor to know Cristhian and to be alive to witness the power of his healing in other people's lives.
Forever grateful."

~Shannon Criss


"Cristhian has been a God send to my Family, he has helped me release my old wounds that were holding me back from becoming the woman I was meant to be. Traveling with him and the Four Winds Society to Peru was a journey that set me on the track to going to school to become an energy healer myself . His true passion to be there for people in need and helping us to release the old and welcome the new are what he's good at. I find he's easy to talk to and confide in. The gifts he has been given are what the world needs, to help bring more peace to our lives and body's. Expect to grow after just one session ...your life will unfold to a new you."

~Rose Camacho


"The positive yet gentle energy he evokes is unparalleled with any other. Walking into my session relatively blind, I had no idea what to expect.. I left feeling lighter, grounded and awakened to name a few of the emotions brought to light."

~ Cami L. Director of Sales and Marketing, Cali Bars

“Cristhian is a gentle giant with potent medicine, and he truly emulates the divine masculine! This past year I have been on a path to spirituality. I met Christhian at a sacred ceremony. I was really struggling with some things because my husband and I have dealt with infertility for about 8 years. I was carrying a lot of heartache at that time due to infertility as well as past issues from my childhood. At one point during the ceremony I was in the circle and music was being played. Cristhian put his healing hands on my back and I had a major release. I cried more than I had cried in years, or maybe ever. But it was a very healing cry. So much pain left my body. At the same time, I experienced something I've never felt before... I felt an undeniable electric energy coursing through my arms and I saw a bright light even though my eyes were closed. As a spiritual "newbie" I was in complete amazement since I had never felt that before! That next week, I had healed enough (emotionally) that I was able to finally call up a good friend who had been pregnant for a while, but I couldn't talk to her because it was too painful. I was finally able to tell her I was happy for her and mean it. Not only that, I was able to call a family member who I had not been able to speak to for months because of some wrongdoing I had experienced from her. I called her and made amends, which I wasn't sure would ever happen. Cristhian is a true healer and I highly suggest him for any energy healing work you need done!”

~Liz M.


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