Individual Sessions

Through a process of dialogue and physical energy work, you will be moved through a very powerful clearing in which stagnant energies are extracted. The goal of this work is always within the healing -and not the treatment- of symptoms.


Group Sessions

These sessions are a useful tool in empowering groups and organizations to clear out old patterns and promote collaborative efforts toward reaching a mutual set of goals. Many cutting edge organizations are now tapping in to this methodology to improve employee satisfaction, as well as performance and productivity within their organizations.


Shamanic Ceremony

From graduations, marriages, breaking ground, ribbon cuttings, awards, blessings, and initiations, ceremony is highly valued across all cultures.

Please inquire about including this enriching experience FOR your special occasion.



Bands of Power/Protection

Business Destiny Retrievals

Soul Retrieval Session

Illumination Session

Ancestral Clearing

Extraction Session

Destiny Retrieval

House clearing

Healers Rights

Land Clearing

Ayni despacho

Cuti despacho






Couple & Partner Sessions

Whether you've been married for years, are a new couple or have entered into a business partnership with another, this dynamic work clears out old patterns, facilitates conflict resolution, and calls in the ideal destiny that the partnership desires.



Workshops are submersive environments that deliver material across multiple formats in a way that everyone can access. Here you will experience group exercises, one-on-one sessions, and ritual practices that will further deepen your understanding of Shamanic energy tools and principles. 


the Art of dying consciously

The Great Death Rites are an Ancient method to help a soul transition to the other side. If time permits, it allows for the dying person to do a life review, a full cleanse of all the chakras, neutral mediation for family to give permission to their loved one to go and the release of the electromagnetic field from the physical body in order to transition with ease and peace.

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